Charo Iglesias Atelier  -  Haute couture hats since 1981

Henar Iglesias



Henar Iglesias was born in San Sabastian on 1981.

As a child she used to spend long time at her mother´s millinery atelier, where she got familiar with crafts.

Henar began working at the atelier when she was fifteen, and after getting an university degree on Maths, started to work as a proffessional milliner, and and to discover her passion for feather art.

Currently Henar manages Charo Iglesias Atelier, designing and creating high couture hats and headdresses. She is a feather artist as well.


Charo Iglesias


Charo is a lover of things well done in all aspects of her own work and that of others


She is pure passion. That is her trademark. She has the knowledge and years of dedication to a profession that became her life.

San Sebastian and Madrid, her final stop, are the places where she researched   developed and perfected her technique. Both places left a mark on her designs, enabling her to break into the fashion world, and become the reference she is in the fashion world today .


The love for her trade took her to set up the Spanish Milliners Association in 2012, of which she was the president up to 2015.

In 2012 she was a finalist in the National Crafts Contest.

During these 35 of crafts in the atelier, we have worked had to hand with great designers: Pedro del Hierro, Manuel Piña, Roberto Torretta, Elio Berhanyer, Beba Meden, Lemoniez, Nicolás Vaudelet...

We want to thank all of them for having gone along with us  till here.

We want to thank as well the stylists that have helped us:  Jennifer Bausser, Jose Herrera, Noemi Vazquez...

And all the publications that have showed us on their pages: Vogue, Vanity Fair, Marie-Claire, Mujer Hoy, El Pais Semanal, Elle, Fotogramas, Cosmopolitan...